SURESEAL TM   Aikido / Judo Tatami Mat


Product Description :
Xsistech - Tatami mat, a high density compress crash mix foam with vinyl top surface and bottom anti skid rubber. The mat have a standard size of 1000mm x 2000mm with 40mm thick, is perfect for martial arts that involve with throws, takedowns and falls.


Tatami mats with it's modular unit and anti skid rubber make it easy for set up and take down as well as mobile.


Application :
Suitable martial art center such as Aikido, Judo, Shui Jiao, Bokh, Westling and etc.



Features :

  • Modular unit
    • Easy setup
    • Mobile
    • Fast Installation
  • None Fibre Insulation
    • No Fibre Erosion
  • Heat Lamination
    • Will Not De-laminate
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Long lasting
  • Light Weight


Standard Size :
• 1m lg x 2m wd x 40mm thk.

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