SURESEAL TM   Roof Insulation


Product Description :
Xsistech - PE Foam Roofing Insulation, a cross-linked Polyethylene foam pre cut to 1200mm width x 30m length with 5mm thickness and heat laminated with Aluminium foil on both side. The closed cell structure of Polyethylene are known for it excellent insulation quality and good mechanical properties are able to provide cost effective solution as roofing insulation.


Xsistech roofing insulation are able to repels heat in warm climate and retains heat in cold area thus reduce heating and cooling cost.


Application :
1. Factory roofing and walls.
2. Residencial such as bungalow, teres houses or town houses.
3. High rise such as condominium or apartment.



Characteristics :

  • Operating Temperature : -40C to + 100C
  • Foam : Low water permeability, un-affected by moisture.
    • Fibre Free, resistance to mold growth.
    • Durable, lightweight, no permanent compression deformation.
    • Class B2 Flammability, Non Halogen, Non Toxic.
    • 0.045W/mK @ 40C Thermal Conductivity.
  • Aluminium Foil : Double Sided Heat Lamination
    • One side Bubble foil can be custom make.
    • 95~97% refectivity.
  • Packing : 5mm thk x 1.2m wd x 30m lg/ roll
    • Will Not De-laminate
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Long lasting
  • Light Weight


Standard Size :
• 5mm thk x 1.2m wd x 30m lg/ roll

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