SURESEAL TM   Intumescent Sealant Product Description :
Intumescent sealant is a one part halogen free emulsion acrylic sealant provided for gap between pipe to wall/slab/pipe sleeves tested to BS476 Pt 20: 1987. Intumescent Sealant will not crack or split upon curing, have good adhesion to wide variety of building material, high modulus, tack free upon curing and can be over painted.

The Intumescent sealant will swell and form an insulating fire resistant char when subject to heat or fire to prevent passage of fire or smoke.

Application :
1. Intumescent Sealant is suitable for sealing expansion gaps joints and services penetrations in fire walls, floor and partitions.
2. Irregular or uneven gaps around fire door casings and window sills.

  • Non Halogen and Non Toxic.
  • Does not sustain flame.
  • No slump up to 30mm joint.
  • High Flexibility upon cured.
  • Water based, Solvent free.
  • Intumescent with high insulation.
  • Paintable.

Characteristics :

Colour : Red, Gray & White.
  Other colour available to special order.
Storage Temperature : +5°C to +30°C.
Application Temperature   : +5°C to +35°C.
Shelf Life : ±12 months store at 5°C to 30°C.
Joint movement : ±12.5%.

   Installation :
  1. Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean, dry and free from dust or grease.
  2. Use the appropriate backing material to set the depth of the seal. Joint width or depth should be not less than 4mm. Masking surrounding surfaces if necessary.
  3. Apply in the sealant, taking care to avoid entrapping air or leaving gaps, and ensure there is a complete contact between sealant and substrate.
  4. Tool down using a wetted spatula for smooth finish. Store in cool dry conditions.

Tested to :
BS476 Pt 20:1987 up to 2 hours.

Coverage :
1 liter sealant cover 1m2 opening of 1mm thickness seal.

Packing :
18L or 10L Bucket, 300ml Cartridges or 600ml Sausage.


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