SURESEAL TM   Intumescent Seal


Product Description :
Extruded from a graphite thermoplastic compound to various profile specially designed to meet the requirement of a particular applications. The intumescent are not affected by the humidity, temperature or water and provide much flexibility in many application.


Application :
1. Intumescent Fire Seal, special profile are widely used to seal up gap between fire resistence steel door doors and frames in the event of fire.
2. Fire glazing apertures in fire resistence steel door and wooden door.
3. Fire Resistence steel cabinet, Strong Box, Safe Door, Vault Door, Door Viewer and etc.



Characteristics :
Thickness : ±2mm
Expansion Rate : Up to ±20 times original size.
Expansion Temperature : Aggressive expansion from 160°C to 180°C.
Flammability : Does not sustain flame.
Toxicity : Non Toxic in solid form.
Reaction to water : No property change when immersed in water.
UV and ozone resistance : Excellent.
Paintable : Yes.
Flexibility : Yes.


Standard Profile :
Custom make profile service are available and profile design are not limited to below.

  • 12mm wd x 11.5mm ht x 2mm thk x 2.1m lg Square Profile.
  • 15mm wd x 20mm ht x 2mm thk x 50m lg U Profile.

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