SURESEAL TM   Graphite Mat Insulation


Product Description :
The Insulation is randomly stitch the graphite fibre strand to form a needlemat insulation to the required thickness. It can be further bonded to graphite paper and carbon cloth at high temperature purification treatment to form a rigid board. The material is superior in erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, high thermal insulation performance and provide longer life span as thermal insulation system.


Application :
1. The material is generally used as thermal insulation in furnace at operating temperature up to 2200°C in vacuum environment and up to 3000°C in inert enviroment.
2. Furnace such as High temperature Sintering, Crystal growth, Metal heat treatment, Ceramic sintering, Solar Silicon, semiconductor, multicrystalline directional solidification system, high purity heat treatment processes and etc.



Characteristics :
High Operating Temperature up to 3000°C under inert atmospheres.
Low Thermal conductivity.
Low Density and thermal mass.
High stability with low shrinkagea.
Flexible and easy to handle.
Greater efficiency in heating and cooling.
Easily cut to required size.
Erosion resistance.


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