SURESEAL TM   Access Floor Insulation


Product Description :
Xsistech PE Foam Access Floor Insulation, a cross-linked Polyethylene foam pre cut to 1200mm x 600mm with 25mm thickness and heat laminated with Aluminium foil. The closed cell structure of Polyethylene are well know for it excellent insulation quality and good mechanical properties are able to provide cost effective solution as access floor insulation.


Xsistech PE Foam Access Floor Insulation are currently the choices of specifier over the traditionally used spray foam in computer rooms flooring that know for it messy work during application.


Application :
Install on the floor underneath the Access Raised Floor of Computer Rooms and Data Center to prevent under floor condesation.



Installation :
Clean the floor from all dust. Apply contact adhesive glue to both surface of the PE foam and the floor. Lay the PE foam on to the floor with the face with aluminium foil up. Seal the joint between the PE foam with aluminium foil tape.



Features :

  • Pre Cut To Size
    • Easy Installation
    • Easy Handling
    • Fast Installation
  • None Fibre Insulation
    • No Fibre Erosion
    • Clean
  • Heat Lamination with Aluminium Foil
    • Will Not De-laminate
    • Easy To Clean
  • Excellent Flexibility & Elasticity
    • Do Not Form Permanent Dent
  • Light Weight
  • No Mess Spray Work


Standard Size :
• 1.2m lg x 0.6m wd x 25mm thk.

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