SURESEAL TM   FireStop Compound


Product Description :
A lightweight pre-mixed gypsum based Firestop Compound in dry powder form, readily mixed with water on site to produce a plaster like material for seal around services penetrations.


Application :
Firestop Compound is used to provide a fire rated seal around service penetrations in fire rated walls and floors. Penetration services include steel pipe, cables, cable tray and trunking.


Features :
  • Lightweight.
  • Quick setting.
  • Non-shrinking.
  • Easy Application.
  • Load Bearing.
  • Can be drilled for post installation services.


Characteristics :

Colour : White Or Red.
Shelf Life : ±12 months store at 5°C to 30°C.
Compressive Strength   : 6.5N/mm2 to BS EN 12390-3:2002.
Density : 1120Kg/m3 to BS EN 12390-7:2002.


Installation :
Prepare form work or use 50mm thk 100kg/m3 mineral wool as shuttering panel fitted between services and the floor slab. Mixed the Firestop Compound with water to a ratio (water:compound) of 1:2.5 for wall and 1:3 for floor to produce a plaster like mortar. Pour around the service penetrations to the thickness required. The setting time will vary form between half to an hour, depending on the ratio mix.

The coverage of compound is approximately 0.25m2/bag of 75mm thick seal and 0.6m2/bag for 35mm thick seal with 50mm thick mineral wool as shuttering panel.



Thickness Installation with 50mm thick 100Kg/m3 mineral Wool Installation without mineral wool
2hrs Rating 35 mm 75 mm
4hrs Rating 40 mm 100 mm


Tested to :
BS476 Pt 20:1987 up to 4 hours.


Ready mixed supplied in 20kg/bag, 49 bags/pallet.

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