SURESEAL TM   Endless Collar


Product Description :
A Stainless steel long strap with a single layer graphite based high performance intumescent strip readily to be cut to length for wraping around the combustible thermoplastic pipe. The endless collar are anchor fixed to the wall or under floor slab with few stainless steel brackets. In the event of a fire, the intumescent material expands rapidly and thus seals the melting pipes opening to preventing flames and smoke pass through.


Application :
Suitable for sealing of combustible pipes up to max. 220 mm outside diameter passing through fire rated walls, drywall or floor slab such as uPVC, PVC, ABS, HDPE and PE pipes, mineral fiber reinforced plastics, and plastic composite pipes. Synthetic rubber or polyethylene insulation on plastic pipes, copper and metal pipes can also be used. For wall installations one pipe collar on each side of the wall and for floor installations one collar on the underside of the floor must be provided.


Features :
  • Flexible solution of one size fits all.
  • Low installation height of the collar.
  • Thin and Slim intumescent layer collar.
  • Suitable for the application in wet and humid areas.
  • Easily can be cut to the length required.
  • Single inventory for various sizes.


Characteristics :

Colour : Stainless Steel Shell Straps.
Size : 50mm ht. x 10mm thk. x 2350mm lg.


Installation :
The Endless collar come in a packing of Intumescent Strip with stainless steel band, stainless steel brackets and anchor bolts. A strip of Endless Collar can be cut to length to various sizes and numbers of pipes depending on the diameter of the pipes. To measure the right length of strip to cut, wrap the collar around the pipe and mark the length required. The Endless Collar is fixed around the combustible pipe with the stainless steel restraining brackets by bolted provided in the packing on to the walls or floors. Endless strip collar is a very versatile firestop for combustible pipe penetration.

The Endless Collar is slim and low profile make it suitable for various tight installation condition.


Tested to :
BS476 Pt 20:1987 up to 4 hours; Up to size 200mm ⌀.


5 Strips per box.

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