SURESEAL TM   FR Coating Batt


Product Description :
FR Coating Batt a readily use mineral wool 50mm thick panel, pre coated on a single face or dual face with fire impermeable coating for high fire resistance performance. The coating is a halogen free water-based coating with FR fillers. It turn to a hard insulated char when subject to high heat or fire to act as a fire barrier.


Application :
FR Coating Batt is suitable for temporary or permanent penetration seal for walls and is suitable for services such as cables, and non-combustible pipes to prevent fire and spread of smoke in event of fire.


Features :
  • Easy and simple installation by cutting with pen knife.
  • Suitable for indoor use without additional environmental protection.
  • Remain flexible after installation to permit moderate thermal and mechanical movement.
  • Light weight, durable and logn term permanent solution.
  • Can be easily cut and seal back for new penetration when adding new services.
  • Suitable for wall installation.


Characteristics :

Colour : White.
Fire : Non Combustable.
Size : ±600mm x 1200mm x 50mm thick.


Installation :
The FR Coating Batts are easily cut and friction fitted between services, wall or floor edges to seal the penetratoin. SureSeal FR Coating is apply at around edge joint and all mating edges between the FR Coating Batts and the services to completely seal all gaps.

All Services shall be painted over with SureSeal FR Coating up to min 150mm form the FR Coating Batt to a norminal 1mm thickness. SureSeal FR Coating shall be apply between cables where a bunch cable is apply.

The FR Coating Batts come in either:-
- a Single mineral panel with dual coated facing;
- a Single mineral panel with single coated facing.
During application, this single coated facing shall be install with dual layer.


Tested to :
BS476 Pt 20:1987 up to 2 hours.


6pcs per bale.

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