XSISTECH  –   PE Foam Backer Rod

Product Description :
Xsistech PE Foam Backer Rod, a closed cell Polyethylene foam in round shape with good mechanical properties suitable as a filler in groove or gaps prior sealant application.

Application :
As a backer to fill up gap before sealant application such as curtain wall, glass wall, clading, construction joint, expansion joint, doors & windows sills and etc.

Installation :
Measure the size of the gaps. Choose a PE Backer Rod with diameter slightly bigger than the gap. Insert the PE Backer Rod into the gaps to the depth required before Sealant application.

Features :

  • Standard and Consistant Size
  • Flexible and Compressable
  • Lightweight and Round shape
  • Fast Installation
  • Able to adsorb Thermal expansion or movement.

Standard Size :

  • 13mm Ø and 15mm Ø in 100m lg/roll.
  • 20mm Ø and 25mm Ø in 50m lg/roll.
  • 30mm Ø in 2m lg, 100lg/pack

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